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What is the recommended swiper for PayJunction?

Although we do not offer direct support for USB swipers, our system does work with USB swipers that can read track 1 and track 2 data.

Keep the following information in mind when purchasing USB swipers:

  1. Must read track 1 and track 2 data.
  2. Should have Keyboard Emulation (not HID).
  3. Must not be Encrypted.
  4. Buy from a reputable seller like Staples, OfficeMax, or Office Depot.  Amazon or eBay are NOT recommended. For example: https://www.staples.com/MAGTEK-21073145-Dynamag-Card-Reader/product_IM1RT4359
USB Swipers do not read EMV chip cards. Therefore, swiping transactions with a USB Swiper does not offer any protection against fraud. PayJunction highly recommends that all businesses use an EMV terminal. PayJunction's Smart Terminal offers chip reading capability, NFC payments (Apple Pay, etc) and provides protection against disputes regarding fraud.