How do I manually activate my account (without an Activation Email)?

If you did not receive an account activation email, please check your bulk or spam mail folders again.  An activation email was sent to you from

If you are able to locate the activation email in your spam folder, please proceed with the normal account activation steps by following the on screen instructions.

If you are still unable to locate the activation email, PayJunction can assist you with a manual activation process:

  1. Go to the activation site located at:

  2. Your web browser will be automatically redirected to our secure activation site. For additional security, always be sure that your web browser has accessed PayJunction’s website directly by verifying the website address listed in your browser.  Failure to check your browser’s address bar could result in the security of your account being compromised.  There are only 2 official PayJunction activation links, (any other link must be presumed fraudulent and should not be utilized).

    Here are the official links: Be sure your browser’s security lock appears:

  3. Call PayJunction Technical Support at (800) 601-2030 ext. 3 - a support representative will be able to provide you with your User Id and Activation Code so you can proceed with manual activation:

  4. Click the Next button and follow this link to continue with your account activation.

Possible Problems Verifying Your Account Identity

If any of the following errors occur during the verification process, you may try the following solutions:

  • User Id is invalid – A User ID is a unique number assigned to you.  It must be all numbers (i.e 0123456789). Try removing any letters or special characters.

  • Activation Code is invalid – An activation code must not contain any special characters; they may only contain letters and numbers (i.e. 0-9 and A-Z).  Try removing any special characters.

  • Activation Code needs length of at least 8 – All activation codes are at least 8 characters long.  Try re-entering the correct activation code.

If you receive the following error, PayJunction will most likely need to correct a data entry error on your account:

  • We were not able to verify your identity – This error means the User ID, Activation Code, Email, and/or 4 digit Security Pin Code you provided does not match our records. Generally the pin code is either the last 4 digits of the business owner’s Social Security Number (or the last 4 digits of the business’ Federal Tax ID).  Please note, too many failed verification attempts will lock you out of your account. Accounts that have been locked out will require a PayJunction support representative to “unlock” the user so they may continue with the activation process.

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