Drupal Commerce

PayJunction can integrate with Drupal Commerce via the Authorize.Net emulator.

Simply download and unpack the .zip or tarball available for download on http://drupal.org/project/commerce_authnet, then edit the file entitled "commerce_authnet.module" with the instructions below:

Then, once this module is installed, use your PayJunction QuickLink API login in the field marked "Login ID" and the QuickLink API password for the field marked "Transaction Key" (note: the password is not strictly required for our emulator, however, there may be form validation that requires this to be entered)

QuickLink API Login and Password

To see how to set your QuickLink API login and password, click this link:

How do I reset my API Login and Password?

Thanks to Jimmy F. for his help testing this integration.

If any questions need to be answered, please call us on 1-800-601-0230 x3. You may also email any questions to support@payjunction.com

This integration method has come through a third party and has not yet been tested by PayJunction directly.