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How do I dispute a chargeback?

A response to a chargeback is your opportunity to dispute the cardholder claims by providing supporting documentation and additional details.

Do not issue a refund Please note that issuing a refund after a chargeback has been debited against your account is not an acceptable response. We advise you not to do so as that results in your account being debited twice for the transaction.

Step 1) Gather the following information before responding:

  1. Case Number (this is found on the letter you received, or on the Chargebacks page in PayJunction)
  2. Case Amount (the amount for this chargeback)
  3. Email Address (your email address)
  4. Supporting documentation
    1. Gather all of your supporting documentation (signed agreement, signed invoices, purchase orders, etc).
  5. Details for the transaction
    1. We recommend typing up a one paragraph summary that remains brief and concise but still communicates all the important and relevant aspects of the situation. 

Step 2) Submit your response to the Chargeback Department. 

  1. Login to your PayJunction account, click on Reports, then click on Chargebacks.
  2. On the following screen, click on the Respond button.
  3. Enter the Case NumberCase AmountEmail Address on the form. Then, click the Upload File button.
  4. On the next screen, click the Choose File button and select the file that you created with all of your supporting documentation.
  5. In the Merchant Comments section, enter the details for this transaction.
  6. Click the Upload button.
Full instructions to view and respond to chargebacks can be found here: https://support.payjunction.com/hc/en-us/articles/1260803027849

Further Questions Regarding Chargebacks

For any questions or follow up items specific to chargebacks, please contact the TSYS Chargeback Department at 800-228-2443

  1. You will be prompted to enter your MID
  2. Press option 4 for Chargebacks
  3. Press option 0 for Operator.
  4. It can also be helpful to ask to speak with a Senior Chargeback Specialist.
  5. Explain that you are responding to a chargeback and would like to submit your response. TSYS's representatives are well versed in the chargeback process. They will walk you through the dispute process and address your questions and concerns. 
After submitting documentation to TSYS, we highly recommend that you call the TSYS chargeback department to confirm that they received your documents.

Third Party Merchant Accounts

Contact your merchant account provider.  They will walk you through the dispute process and address your questions and concerns.

Central Payment Corporation 800-449-8012 x 2

PaySafe (aka CardPayment Solutions / iPayment)

800-554-4777 x 5