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As a leading provider of commerce processing services to thousands of businesses, privacy and data protection issues are of the utmost importance to Messiahic, Inc. DBA PayJunction ("PayJunction"). This Privacy Statement for PayJunction ("Privacy Statement") details the company's policies with respect to the handling of corporate and personally identifiable data and financial information ("Information") submitted by the reader of this Privacy Policy and the readers company where applicable ("You") or otherwise collected by PayJunction via the company's website or in the course of providing services to PayJunction's customers. Information shall include, but not be limited to, names, contact information, account numbers, financial data, financial statements, banking statements, transaction data and the like.


The type of Information submitted to or collected by PayJunction varies depending upon the nature of the activity and relationship with PayJunction.

  1. Browsing the Website: When You browse the company's website, PayJunction may collect information regarding the domain and host from which You access the Internet, the Internet Protocol ("IP") address of the computer or Internet Service Provider you are using, and anonymous site statistical data. This information is collected for the purpose of assessing the effectiveness of the company's website and for security reasons.
  2. Inquiries: The website contains various forms, links to company e-mail addresses, and fax numbers that You may use to solicit information about the website, PayJunction services, and the company in general. When You complete and submit a form, send us an e-mail, send us a fax, or contact us by telephone, PayJunction may store the inquiries and their contents, including any personally identifiable information you may have provided. Any personally identifiable information you submit via an inquiry is collected only with your knowledge and active participation.
  3. Use of PayJunction Gateway Services: When You register to use PayJunction online processing services ("Gateway Services"), You will be required to provide personally identifiable information and to enter into a written agreement with PayJunction. If You ordered any products or services from businesses that use Gateway Services ("Merchants"), You were required to submit personally identifiable information ("Order Information"). Merchants transmit Order Information to PayJunction for the purpose of processing the Order. Order Information is maintained in servers located within the United States for a specific time then archived and stored in vaults for later retrieval to comply with audits or for disaster recovery purposes.
  4. Applying for a Merchant Account: When You submit an application to obtain a merchant account through PayJunction, You may be required to provide financial statements, banking statements and Information (as defined above) to PayJunction. If You apply for a merchant account through PayJunction, PayJunction may also obtain information about You from consumer and corporate reporting agencies where applicable.
  5. Children: PayJunction does not request or knowingly collect personally identifiable information from anyone under the age of thirteen (13).


Usage and disclosure of Your Information varies based on Your relationship with PayJunction. PayJunction never sells any personally identifiable information and, except as expressly set forth below, never discloses personally identifiable information to any third parties.

  1. Browsing the Website: Information collected while You're browsing our website may be used to analyze trends, administer the website, improve site performance, gather broad demographic information, and for security purposes. Such Information may be disclosed to third parties to provide any of the aforementioned activities on behalf of PayJunction.
  2. Inquiries: Information collected during the course of You submitting an inquiry via online form, e-mail, fax, or telephone call may be used by PayJunction to respond to Your inquiries or to contact You to inform You of services of PayJunction that may be of use to You. Information collected during the course of an inquiry will not be disclosed to any third party unless such third party has been contracted by PayJunction, with obligations of confidentiality, to contact You on our behalf.
  3. Use of PayJunction Services: If You are a Merchant, PayJunction will use Your Information during the course of providing You with the Gateway Services. During the course of providing such services, PayJunction may disclose Your Information to third parties that have contracted with PayJunction to perform certain functions within the Gateway Services on our behalf ("Licensors"). PayJunction may also use Your Information to contact You about other PayJunction offerings and to inform you about general company news and industry trends. PayJunction may also use Your Information for internal business analysis. If You are a customer of a Merchant, PayJunction will use Order Information during the course of providing processing services to such Merchant. PayJunction may also use Order Information at an aggregate level for internal business analysis and fraud prevention. During the course of providing Gateway Services to Merchants, PayJunction may disclose Order Information to banks, processors, card associations, and other financial institutions that are involved in the course of processing or screening the transaction applicable to the Order Information.
  4. Applying for a Merchant Account: If You apply for a merchant account from or through PayJunction, PayJunction may use and disclose the Information only where applicable to evaluate Your eligibility for a merchant account, including disclosure to consumer reporting agencies, relevant financial institutions, merchant service providers, and other entities involved in providing the merchant account services. PayJunction may also use and disclose Your Information during the course of providing or procuring on Your behalf the merchant account services. Any Information used in determining Your eligibility for a merchant account shall be treated as strictly confidential and shall only be disclosed to those entities that will actually be involved in providing service on Your account and have a need to know about the financial stability of You in order to determine Your eligibility for a merchant account. Furthermore, such entities shall also treat the Information as confidential as PayJunction and the entities PayJunction works with considers the privacy of Your Information as paramount. Should You have any questions about the entities PayJunction may disclose Your Information to in order to determine eligibility, simply ask Your PayJunction representative, and the names of such entities shall be promptly provided. PayJunction may also use Your Information to contact You about other PayJunction offerings and to inform you about general company news and industry trends. PayJunction may also use Your Information for internal business analysis.
  5. Surveys and Questionnaires: If You submitted an inquiry to PayJunction or if You are a Merchant, periodically, PayJunction may use Your Information to contact You to complete a survey or questionnaire. Responses to any such survey or questionnaire may be used for internal business analysis and may be disclosed in aggregate form without disclosing any personally identifiable information.
  6. Use of Cookies: Forms on our website may use cookies. Cookies are small files of data that reside on your computer and allow PayJunction to recognize You as a Merchant or a previous visitor of our website. PayJunction may use cookies to populate frequently used forms or to provide you with other customized viewing options for Your convenience. PayJunction uses cookies solely to maintain personalized services throughout the website.
  7. Confidentiality Obligations: All contracts entered into between PayJunction and Merchants, PayJunction and Licensors, and PayJunction and other third party service providers contain express provisions governing the confidential treatment of any and all Information.
  8. Investigations and Proceedings: PayJunction may use Information to conduct internal investigations. PayJunction may disclose Information to cooperate with an investigation by law enforcement agencies or other governmental authorities and may also disclose Information in response to a police or federal agency fraud or theft investigation, subpoena, warrant, court order, or other comparable legal processes.


PayJunction is committed to privacy and security, as evidenced by the fact that PayJunction has been certified to be compliant with the Visa Cardholder Information Security Program ("Visa CISP"). Visa CISP is the bankcard industry's most stringent security standard. PayJunction has also been certified to be compliant with the Visa International Account Information Security program. Examples of PayJunction's security measures include: physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards; sophisticated security monitoring tools; documented security policies; restricted access of personally identifiable information only to those of our employees that need to know the information; and, periodic security audits by third party security experts.


If You want PayJunction to correct or delete Your Information that is stored on PayJunction systems, please submit your request in writing to: PayJunction Inc. 1903 State St, Santa Barbara, California 93101 ATTN: Privacy Compliance Fax: (805) 243-0700 Subject to our ability to verify your request and provided that PayJunction is not required to maintain the Information by applicable laws, regulations, or contractual obligations, PayJunction will correct or delete the Information within thirty (30) days of receipt of your request.

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