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CATALooK Shopping Cart

The CATALooK shopping cart is fully integrated with PayJunction. Follow these steps to test and use the PayJunction Trinity gateway interface:

Module CAT_StoreSettings: Select '(PayJunction)' from the [Payment Processor] list box.
Check the box: [PAYMENT TYPES] -> [Credit Card].
Enter the Login into field [QuickLink Login].
Enter the Password into field [QuickLink Password].
Select the right currency from the drop down list: [Currency on receipts and for payment gateway requests select / add].
Gateway Test (turn on the [PayPal+CC Test Mode] option on module CAT_StoreSettings (CATALooK.netStore -> Store Settings)
•  Test Card details to use are: Test Card Number - 4444333322221111 Expiry Date - 1/10 Card Sec Code - 999
Keep transaction amounts below $4.00 when testing. Also note, transactions ran for an amount between $0.00 and $1.99 will likely result in denial. To demonstrate approvals, please use amounts equal to and over $2.00.
Test Login: Username pj-pl-01; Password: pj-ql-01p
The payment state will be updated automatically.
You need your own SSL connection for this gateway.