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Why did I receive an account activation email?

The activation email enables you to create a login and password for your PayJunction account.

If you have received a PayJunction Account Activation email, your merchant account sales representative has created this account for you.

There is a substantial amount of paperwork involved in establishing a merchant account, and PayJunction will never send an activation email to a business that hasn’t requested these services.

If you feel you have received an activation email in error, contact your sales representative for details.  If you do not have a sales representative, contact PayJunction or your merchant account provider:

PayJunction http://www.payjunction.com 800-601-0230 x 3
Central Payment Corporation http://www.cpay.com/ 800-449-8012
CHI Payment Systems (aka CardPayment Solutions) https://www.csiprocessing.com/ 800-554-4777, Option 2, then Option 3
iPayment http://www.ipaymentinc.com/ 800-554-4777, Option 2, then Option 3