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Shopp - WordPress Plugin Shopping Cart

The Shopp shopping cart plugin for WordPress is already integrated with PayJunction. However, you will need to purchase the PayJunction "Gateway Add-On" in order to be able to process via your PayJunction account. The PayJunction "Gateway Add-On" is available via the Shopp website (http://shopplugin.net). Once you purchase the Shopp shopping cart and the PayJunction "Gateway Add-On", simply select PayJunction as the Payment Gateway and provide your PayJunction Quick-Link Login and Password.

QuickLink API Login and Password

To see how to set your QuickLink API login and password, click this link:

How do I reset my API Login and Password?

If you need additional assistance, please contact Shopp support:  http://forums.shopplugin.net

Update 3/1/2012: We have just been made aware that Shopp version 1.2 has been released and is breaking our existing integration. We are working to update our module to work with the newest version of Shopp.

Update 3/14/2012: Shopp has patched the problem with the PayJunction gateway and released an updated version of the PayJunction module. The new version of the Shopp PayJunction integration is released as version 1.2 and is now available for customers to update in their Shopp Store Account: https://shopplugin.net/store/account/ (requires login)

Or, if you have activated an valid update key, it will show up in your WordPress install in the WordPress Admin under the Plugins manager. A notice will appear that the update is available and allow you to update automatically.