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How do I add gratuity and tips to my transactions?

I - Adding Tips for Keyed transactions.

II - Adding Tips for Smart Terminal transactions.

I - Adding Tips for Keyed transactions: 

  1. Click the Process button.

  2. Click the Customize link.

  3. Set the Tip field to Display or Required (as needed for your use).

  4. Optionally, a default tip amount can be set.
  5. Click the Save button.
  6. A tip line will now be present on the credit card processing page.

  7. You may enter the tip amount at the time of transaction, or by editing the transaction once it has been processed.
  8. If you choose to add a tip after the transaction has been processed, you can click the Edit button on the top right of the transaction details page.

  9. You can also edit it by hovering over the transaction on the right of the page and clicking Edit.

    After adding your tip (which will add to the transaction total), you must click Save for the changes to take effect.

II - Adding Tips for Smart Terminal transactions:

To enable Tips on the Smart Terminal, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your PayJunction account as Administrator.
  2. Click on More > Smart Terminals:
  3. Hover the mouse over the Eye icon, then click on Edit:
  4. Toggle Allow Tips to ON and click SAVE CHANGES:

Repeat the process for any other Smart Terminals that also need the Tip prompt.

IMPORTANT - Do not attempt to edit the transaction beyond 20% of the original amount. If the Tip amount is more than 20% of the original amount charged, we recommend that you process a new transaction for the Tip amount.