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How do I customize the fields and data that I enter into the Process a Transaction page?

Step-By-Step Instructions

If you would like to add fields, remove fields, set required fields, or set optional fields, for your Virtual Terminal/Process a Credit Card page, then please follow the steps below.

  1. Click the Process button.

  2. Click the Customize Fields button.

  3. You can manually customize the fields that appear on the Processing page, adding or removing billing contact, shipping contact and transaction information.  To modify a field, select Hide, Display or Required as necessary.

    - This will turn a field off and prevent it from displaying.

    Display - This will turn a field on and display it for user entry.

    Required - This will turn a field on and make it mandatory for user entry.

  4. To quickly Hide All, Display All, or Require All fields, you may click the quick toggle buttons in the right hand corner.

  5. The options in the AVS and CVV section also have Smart as a selection. This means that the Address, Zip Code, and CVV code will NOT be required but if they are input, the system will check them.  If they are not input, it will not give you an error.

  6. Once you have finished configuring the form to your liking, click Save Changes.