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What is the Incremental Authorization System?

If a credit card is authorized at a certain amount, and the transaction is edited before settlement to a much higher amount (about 150%+ of the original authorization), the card must be re-authorized at the new amount, or else the customer's bank will reject the transaction at batch settlement.

To support this, PayJunction implements an Incremental Authorizations System.  Our system re-authorizes transactions meeting this criteria, thus avoiding settlement errors. A real-world example of this would be a scenario in which the customer has just enough funds available to cover the original authorized amount, but not enough to float the greatly increased edited amount.

Once the transaction amount is edited in the PayJunction Virtual Terminal, if the edit is significantly higher, PayJunction authorizes the card at the new amount.  This prevents settlement rejects.  Your customer will see the new amount immediately, and the transaction will go through at settlement without error.

From time to time, a merchant will make a mistake in editing a transaction amount.  Not to worry, as the transaction will ultimately settle at the amount indicated when the transaction batches.  Simply edit the amount back to what the transaction should be, then settle the batch.  The customer will see the transaction settle at the given amount and any extra funds held as pending return to the available balance.  This process can take 1-3 business days and depends on the turnaround time of the customer's card issuing bank.