How do I capture an electronic signature from my customer?

Eliminate the need to store signed paper receipts by capturing electronic signatures. Our simple plug-and-play, USB signature-capture device can be installed and ready in seconds.  If you have a Smart Terminal, the signature process is easily handled when the customer is prompted for the signature on their screen.

These electronic signatures remove the need to keep signed paper receipts on hand and makes finding a signed receipt in the case of a customer dispute as easy as finding the transaction itself using PayJunction's search functionality.

Step by Step Instructions

Follow these step-by-step instructions to learn how to accept an electronic signature.

  1. Connect your USB Signature Capture device to an available USB port on the computer
  2. Check that the screen on the device is showing a disclaimer message to confirm it is connected and working.
  3. Click the Process button, and process the card.
  4. Once the card has been approved, you will see an approval screen.  The customer can now just sign the pad, and it will load onto the screen.

You can capture a signature for a transaction at any time by searching for the transaction and clicking the eyeball icon; the transaction details will show up and then the customer can sign at any time.  The signature box will load with the customer's signature once it has been captured.

Need to find a signed receipt? All you have to do is find the transaction as shown in How can I find a customer transaction? and then click the Details link.  The options to print or email the receipt will be on the left side of the page.

You also have the ability to email the receipt including the signature to your customer. For details, please see How do I email a receipt to a customer?