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Does my account automatically batch? If so, when?

By default, PayJunction Trinity accounts are setup to automatically batch/settle every day at 5pm Pacific.

Please note, if the batch settlement time is set later than 5PM Pacific (8PM Eastern) for Credit Cards and 2PM Pacific (5PM Eastern) for ACH the batch will not be processed by the bank until the next day. This will cause the deposit to your checking account to be delayed by an additional day.

Your account may have a customized cut-off hour. To check if automatic batching is enabled and the time it is set to, please do the following:

  • Click on the More button on the left of the page.

  • Click on Accounts.


  • Select your account (i.e. terminal).


  • You will find the time for Automatic Batch Settlement listed under the Account Settings section. 

You can update your batch settings by following the steps on this page: