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What is a batch?

To view your Batches within your PayJunction account, click on the Batches button.

This will take you to your Current Unsettled Batches and Previous Settled Batches.

Batch Explained

A batch is a group of charges and refunds summed together to make one deposit into the merchant's checking account.  A batch is also called a settlement.

The credit card industry uses batches to settle funds.  In other words, if a merchant runs 10 transactions for $1 each, the merchant will receive one $10 deposit (instead of 10 separate $1 deposits).

Batches also offset refunds.  For example:

  • 8 Charges for $1 each
  • 2 Refunds for $1 each
  • Equals 10 transactions for a net batch of $6

By default, PayJunction settles all transactions at 5 pm PST (1 pm PST for ACH)  (unless you have changed your default settlement cut off hour).   Any transactions run after the settlement time will be collected in the merchant's next "batch" (usually the next day's batch).

Batch totals should correspond to the deposits made into your checking account.