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How can I prevent my employees from issuing refunds?

PayJunction allows you to restrict refund access on a per User basis (note, any account of type "Administrator" has refund access enabled by default). 

Do the following:

    1. Click the More > Users.
    2. Click the user you wish to modify and select Edit User in the top right corner.  Note, you may not make this type of change on your own account, it must be a different user than the account you are logged in as.
    3. If applicable, change the User Type from Admin User to Restricted User.Screen_Shot_2017-04-18_at_10.28.42_AM.png
    4. In the Permissions section, uncheck Refund TransactionsScreen_Shot_2017-04-18_at_10.21.22_AM.png
    5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes.