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How do I request a customer's signature via email?

PayJunction gives you the ability to capture your customers' signature via email - this is a technological first. When the customer is prompted, they will be asked for an email and an option to email a receipt there. Here is how the system works:

  1. If you would like to email a receipt and request a signature, please click on the Email Receipt check box while processing a transaction. If you have already processed the transaction please see the article: How do I email a receipt to a customer?
  2. You will need to fill out the customer's email in the field next to the check box.
  3. Click on Process.
  4. You will see the approved window pop up.  If you would like to send an additional receipt, click on the Additional Email button.
  5. Fill out the additional email you wish to send it to.
  6. Your customer will receive the emailed receipt, complete with easy-to-follow steps instructing them how to sign it digitally with their mouse. Once your customer signs, the signature is automatically transmitted back to your PayJunction account and attached to the appropriate transaction, along with a notification email alerting you that your customer has digitally signed their receipt.  You've now captured and stored a permanent record of the cardholder's signature acknowledging their agreement to the payment.
  7. From within your PayJunction account you'll be able to easily determine the signature status of any transaction by examining the icon displayed.
    1. Customers that have been emailed a signature request are designated with an envelope icon:
    2. Customers that have completed their signature display a pen-and-check icon:
  8. You can view the transaction and accompanying signature at any time by entering the transaction details page, as shown below. 


The status of the signature does not affect the status of the transaction.  If you've successfully Captured funds, you will collect those funds normally whether or not the customer returns a signed receipt to you.

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