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How do I find or edit the settings for users?

NOTE: This feature is only available to Administrators

How to Find Users

  1. Click More, then Users.

  2. Click the name of the user you wish to edit:

  3. Click edituser.png near the top right of this screen.

  4. Update the user settings.

  5. Click Save Changes.

How to Edit the Settings for a User

Once you have found the user that you would like to edit, you will be able to update the settings for that user.

Basic Info

  1. Select the User Type. Admin Users can access all account settings, add new users, edit user, and issue refunds. Restricted Users can be limited to restrict their access to certain features.
  2. Enter the user's First Name and Last Name.
  3. Enter the user's Email Address. This is required for system notifications and password resets (should the user forget their login and password).
  4. Enter the user's Session Timeout. The session timeout determines who long a user is allowed to be idle before PayJunction automatically logs them out. If you are in a busy office area where multiple people share computers, we recommend a low / shorter session timeout.


  1. Permissions restricts what users can do. Note, these options are always on for accounts of type Administrator. You can customize these options for Restricted Users.

    Refund transactions Turn On to allow Users to refund transactions.
    View transaction history
    Turn On to allow Users to search transactions that the User has processed.
    View other user's transactions
    Turn On to allow a User to see other Users transactions or see the "Customers" section.
    Manually settle batches Turn On to allow a User to settle batches.
    Process recurring transactions Turn On to allow a User to enter and process recurring transactions.

Account Access

  1. Account Access determines which accounts a user can access. If you have multiple store locations and terminals, you may restrict downtown employees from viewing the uptown store location's transactions (and vice versa). All users must have at least one terminal they can access. Turn access On or Off as appropriate.

Smart Terminal Access

This section is only visible for Restricted Users. The Access Level cancan be set to Full or Partial. If Partial access is selected, check the box for the Smart Terminals that the user should have access to.