How do I add a coupon code on the Hosted Payments checkout page?

Add a Coupon Code

The example code that we provide below explains how to customize individual payment buttons to accept a "Coupon Code". When a valid coupon code is entered, the amount for that item will be discounted by the amount that is indicated for that coupon code.

For example, the following can be created:

  • Coupon Code: "code1"
  • Discount Amount: $10.00
  • Discount Description: "Summer Special, $10.00 Off"

Therefore, if a website user uses the coupon code named "code1", they will get a $10 discount for that particular item.

PayJunction has created examples for discounts based on Dollar Amounts (i.e. $10 off), and for discounts based on Percentage Amounts (i.e. 10% off).

Please click on the link below to download our Hosted Payments Payment Button - Coupon Code examples. Notice that each type (Dollar Amount, and Percentage Amount) is categorized within separate folders. Simply select the folder for the type of coupon that will need to be created, then open the HTML file. Once the HTML file is opened, "View the Source" (view the HMTL). The HTML source includes comments that explain how to update Coupon Codes, Discount Amounts, and Discount Descriptions.

Please Note: Using this option requires that the web developer has a basic understanding of editing HTML/JavaScript.

Download PDF Instructions Here:

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