How Do I Recharge ACH Rejects?

Transactions that trigger ACH rejects have not been processed by the customer's bank and payment was not collected from or credited to your customer’s account. All return codes begin with the letter ‘R’ (i.e. R01, R02, R03, etc.) and indicate that the transaction was not accepted. Depending on the reason for the reject, some transactions may be corrected and resubmitted.

ACH rejects are similar to an overdraft in a personal checking account. It can take several days to receive an ACH reject notice.

  1. Log in.
  2. If you have rejected ACH transactions, then you will see a notification on the left side of your screen. Simply click on the ACH Rejects link.
  3. Find the ACH transaction you would like to work on.

  4. Roll your mouse over the error code to see the definition. For example, R03.

    1. Click the link below to see what the error code refers to.
      Response Code Definitions

  5. If you want to work with a particular ACH reject click the Update link and then a dialog box will open. You will have two options at this point.
    1. Option 1: Enter the newly updated information and click Recharge Account.
      • If you decide to recharge account then the account will be recharged.
    2. Option 2: To remove the ACH reject from this list, click Force Complete.
      • If you decide to force complete the account will not be recharged and you will want to attempt a different form of payment.

Reasons for ACH Payment Rejected

Click here to learn more about ACH-related responses for ACH rejects.

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