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Vend POS System is already integrated with PayJunction. Simply follow the instructions below to connect Vend with your PayJunction account and Smart Terminal.

Process Overview

  1. Activate PayJunction Smart Terminal.
  2. Create PayJunction API Credentials.
  3. Create a PayJunction Payment Type in Vend.
  4. Pair the Smart Terminal to the preferred Vend POS register.

1. Activate PayJunction Smart Terminal

Instructions to activate PayJunction Smart Terminals can be found here:

2. Create PayJunction API Credentials

If you have more than one Vend Register please repeat steps 1 through 6 for each Register.
  1. Login to your PayJunction account as an administrator, go to More, then select API Credentials.

  2. In the top-right corner of this view, click the Create New API Credential button.

  3. Enter a First Name, Last Name and an Email Address

    To ensure that report titles lineup properly between PayJunction and Vend, please use the following naming convention:
    • FIRST NAME: Number or nickname assigned to the Vend Register
    • LAST NAME: Vend_nameOfYourBusiness
  4. Create a new unique Login and Password.
    For the LOGIN: Use the same First and Last name listed above, without spaces.
    For the PASSWORD: Use at least 8 characters, with at least one uppercase, one lowercase and one number.

  5. Select the account that will be used by the Vend Register. Also select the account in the Default Credit Card Account drop-down.
  6. Click the Create button at the bottom of the page to save the new API credentials

3. Create a PayJunction Payment Type in Vend

  1. Log into your merchant’s Vend store. Open the Setup tab. (On Vend for iPad this can be found under Dashboard > Setup).
  2. Select Payment Types.
  3. Click the Add Payment Type button.
  4. Search and choose PayJunction.  (If you do not see this payment type, please contact
  5. Follow steps 2-5 of this guide to set up each additional terminal.
Each Smart Terminal can only be paired with one Vend Register at a time.


4. Pair the Smart Terminal to the preferred Vend POS register

  1. In the Payment Types screen, click the Edit icon on the PayJunction  payment type.
  2. Click Connect a Terminal.
  3. A prompt will open stating “PayJunction would like to access your Vend account”. Click the Allow Access button.
  4. Enter your API Login and Password that you created in PayJunction and select Next Step.TypeAPI.png
    The screen you are looking at can also be accessed from the following URL:

  5. Select the Smart Terminal and Account you want to pair with Vend.TIDs_and_STs_List.png
  6. Vend POS will send a test transaction for $0.01 to make sure the terminal is connected and working. 
  7. In Vend, select Yes to accept, then select the X (red key) on the terminal to cancel.1CentTestTxn.png
  8. If you have more than one register, choose which Register you'll be using this terminal with and click Next.AssignST_to_Register.png
  9. Fill in the contact information and click Finished.
  10. This terminal is now set up and ready for its first transaction.

    If you're having trouble with connecting the terminal to Vend, contact or +1 844-814-5409


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