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Remove Smart Terminal base from Counter

As you might have noticed if you tried to pull on it, the double sided 3M foam adhesive pad used to attach the Smart Terminal base to your counter is hard to remove.

We will show 2 possible techniques to remove it. Both start with the following steps:

  1. Remove the Thumb screw that locks the Smart Terminal to the base.
    3 Tips:
    - When you are facing the Smart Terminal, this Thumb screw is on the left hand side.
    - You don't need any tools to remove the screw.
    - You might notice that when the Smart Terminal was installed, your colleague decided not to use that screw.
  2. Remove the Smart Terminal from the Base. To do that, place the palm of your hand where you would insert a chip card and push forward. You should hear it pop-out of the stand.

Now that the Smart Terminal is out of the way, let's remove the base.

You won't need to remove any other screws moving forward.

Technique 1: 

This is the best technique if you plan to remove several Smart Terminals. It's a faster process, but requires a putty knife or paint scraper:


Using the paint scraper, slide under stand and push 1/3 of the way into adhesive foam. Wiggle the scraper back and forth as needed and try not to push into the countertop. 

Begin lifting stand and paint scraper together to remove the stand from countertop. The foam adhesive will tear.

Technique 2: 

The equipment you will need for that technique is 5 feet of dental floss and 2 small sticks (2 old pencils should work fine).

  1. Fold the floss in half to increase resistance.
  2. Attach a stick at each end of the floss.
  3. Lay the floss flat around the base.
  4. While maintaining the floss flat on your countertop, pull the 2 sticks towards you. Make sure the floss is touching the foam adhesive, not the metal stand.
  5. Pull back and forth to saw through the foam until you have cut enough to be able to pull the stand off the counter.

Once you've detached the base from your countertop, you can remove the remaining adhesive foam with "Goo Gone" or adhesive remover:


We HIGHLY recommend testing the product on a hidden corner of your countertop to make sure it doesn't stain your counter.