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How to reduce customer interactions with the PayJunction Smart Terminal - ZeroTouch Terminal

Developers: Please see this guide for code changes to implement ZeroTouch

The PayJunction Smart Terminal is a customer-facing terminal. All credit/debit cards remain in the hands of consumers and contactless payments are supported.

To enable ZeroTouch capability, login to your PayJunction account as an Administrator. Then, follow these steps to turn off all optional card holder interactions with your Smart Terminal(s):

IMPORTANT: These steps must be repeated for each Smart Terminal.
  1. Click More
  2. Click Smart Terminals
  3. Hover your mouse over the eye icon and click Edit. 
  4. Turn off all options for customer interaction and then click Submit:
For basic transactions where a customer receives their product at the time of sale, signatures may not be necessary to protect against disputes (aka chargebacks).   

For larger orders, customer deposits, or pre-payments on a future delivery, it is recommended that you email a customer a receipt request for signature from the safety of your own computer; customers can sign the receipt from the safety of their own phone or computer agreeing to all the terms of your agreement.  See how to edit receipt terms here.

Note, the credit card associations rules dictate when a signature is needed.
All PayJunction Smart Terminals support Contactless transactions using ApplePay, GooglePay, Samsung Pay, Contactless Cards or any other contactless scheme that follows the NFC payment standard.
Some cards may require a PIN to be entered in order to complete the transaction. However, the vast majority of cards do not require a PIN. When a PIN is required, the PayJunction Smart Terminal will prompt the user to enter their PIN. Capturing the PIN in these instances will provide protection against disputes where fraud is reported.