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How do I process a Keyed transaction using a Smart Terminal?

Step 1: Enable Keyed transactions via Smart Terminal

  1. Click the More icon, on the main menu (left-side of screen).
  2. Select Smart Terminals.
  3. Find your Smart Terminal on the list.
  4. Hover over the eyeball, then click Edit.
  5. Go to the option named Enable Keyed, then toggle it ON.
  6. Click Save Changes.

Step 2: Process a Keyed transaction via the Smart Terminal

On the Virtual Terminal

  1. Click the Process icon, on the main main (left-side of the screen).
  2. Select the Smart Terminal tab.
  3. Enter the Amount, and any other required or optional data.
  4. Click Request Payment.


On the Smart Terminal

  1. Press the Yellow button on the keypad.
  2. Enter Card Number, Expiration Date and billing Zip Code.
  3. Press the Green button on the terminal, or the Process button on the terminal screen.