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HostBooks is already integrated with PayJunction. Simply follow the instructions below to connect HostBooks with your PayJunction account.

Process Overview

  1. Create the Hosted Payments (Shop / Store)
  2. Save the PayJunction Hosted Payments in HostBooks.

1. Create the Hosted Payments (Shop / Store)

This was formerly known as the QuickShop Store ID and might still be referenced as such in other guides and in the Modernizing Medicine practice management configuration.

  1. After logging into PayJunction as an administrator go to More and click on Hosted Payments
  2. Click on the New Shop button in the top right corner of this view
  3. Enter in a unique Shop Name and select the Account it should use. 
  4. Further down this page, in the Email New Orders To field, enter no-email@payjunction.com then click the green Create Shop button at the bottom of this view

2. Save the PayJunction Hosted Payments in HostBooks.

  1. Log into HostBooks with an Administrator User.
  2. Click on Settings > General Settings > Payment Service Settings:
  3. Click on + Add Store:
  4. Type in the name of Hosted Payment Store created on step I-3, then select the appropriate Bank account and click in Add Store:
  5. You should see the following confirmation message:
    Click OK to exit out of that screen.


If you're having trouble connecting your PayJunction account to HostBooks, please contact:

  • PayJunction: 800-601-0230
  • Or HostBooks: 833-300-9268.