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RevCent eCommerce is already integrated with PayJunction. Simply follow the instructions below to connect RevCent with your PayJunction account.

Process Overview

  1. Create PayJunction API Credentials.
  2. Save the PayJunction API Credentials in RevCent.

1. Create PayJunction API Credentials

  1. Log into your PayJunction account as an administrator. Then go to More,and selectAPI Credentials.

  2. In the top-right corner of this view, click the New API Credential button.

  3. Enter a First Name,Last Name and anEmail Address.

    To ensure that report titles lineup properly between PayJunction and RevCent, please use the following format:
    • FIRST NAME: "RevCent"
    • LAST NAMEnameOfYourBusiness(can be abbreviated if needed, just don't use spaces)
    • EMAIL ADDRESS: noreply@payjunction.com
  4. Create a new unique Login and Password.
    For the LOGIN: Use the same First and Last name listed above separated by underscore (Ex: "RevCent_nameOfYourBusiness") .
    For the PASSWORD: Use at least 8 characters, with at least one uppercase, one lowercase and one number.

  5. Select the account that will be used by RevCent. Also select the account in the Default Credit Card Account drop-down.
  6. Click the Create button at the bottom of the page to save the new API credentials.

2. Save the PayJunction API Credentials in RevCent.

  1. Log into RevCent with an Administrator User.
  2. Type in the PayJunction API Login and Password you created in step 1-4:

For additional assistance, please contact PayJunction support: 800-601-0230