Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions - PayJunction Merchant Agreement

Terms and Conditions - PayJunction Gateway Agreement

If you are using PayJunction as a gateway (i.e. using PayJunction's software), specific terms apply and are governed by PayJunction's Gateway Agreement located here:

Terms and Conditions - Visa

Terms and Conditions are governed by Visa:

Terms and Conditions - MasterCard

Terms and Conditions are governed by MasterCard:

Terms and Conditions - Discover

Terms and Conditions are governed by Discover:

Terms and Conditions - American Express

If you have a merchant account directly placed with American Express, your Terms and Conditions are governed by American Express:

Annual Acknowledgement of Security Responsibilities

In compliance with PCI DSS, the following is PayJunction's annual acknowledgement of security responsibilities:

* These documents can be viewed by all active merchants. Simply login to your PayJunction account. Then, hover on the Account icon (lower-left) and select Terms

If you are unable to login please contact our support staff to obtain this document.

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