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How Do I Manage My Hosted Payment Shops?

  1. Click on More, on the left-side menu.
  2. Click on Hosted Payments towards the bottom of the flyout menu.


  3. Your Hosted Payment Shops will be listed here.


  4. To add a new shop click the + New Shop button
  5. To create a Hosted Payment form for your website click the Generate Hosted Payment button.
  6. For more options, hover on the eye icon for a Shop, then click the option you prefer: View Transactions, Shop Settings, Shop Fields, Theme Settings.


Security Notes:

If you are planning to use the Hosted Payment page in an environment that is openly accessible to anyone on the Web, we strongly recommend turning the CAPTCHA on to prevent against "Card Cycling Attacks".

To turn CAPTCHA On, please follow the steps below:

Hover the mouse over the Eye icon, and select Shop Settings:


In the Security section > CAPTCHA VERIFICATION, select On After Decline on the dropdown menu:

Click on SAVES CHANGES at the bottom of the screen.