Protect your form from malicious card testing activity! See the instructions at the bottom of this article for directions on how to add the Google reCAPTCHA widget to your payment form.

JotForm is integrated with PayJunction. To start, you'll need your PayJunction API Login and Password.

PayJunction API Login and Password

To see how to set your API login and password, click this link:

How do I reset my API Login and Password?

Instructions on how to Connect PayJunction to JotForm

Here's instructions to setup via JotForm

Adding the Google reCAPTCHA Widget in JotForm

From the Form Edit screen in JotForm:

  1. Click Add Form Element on the left side of the edit screen
  2. Select the Widgets tab and search for 'captcha' or 'recaptcha'
  3. Drag and drop the Google reCAPTCHA option to your form on the right. Use the built-in configuration buttons to make changes to the widget

For additional assistance, please contact JotForm support: