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Our Smart Terminal is not responding

If your Smart Terminal seems to be malfunctioning you can do a couple quick tests to make sure everything is OK.

  1. The first thing to do is to unplug the Smart Terminal from the power from the wall, count to 5 and plug it back in.  This simple operation usually solves 99% of all Smart Terminal issues. Allow a couple minutes for the unit to reboot.

  2. The next thing to do would be to check if the ethernet cable is plugged into the correct port on the bottom of the unit (Stylus Terminal) or into the adapter cable (TouchTerminal). The Stylus Terminal will have a red label next to the correct port as shown below. You must repeat step 1 after this operation.

    Stylus Terminal

  3. Another common misstep is to make sure you have selected the correct Smart Terminal within the Smart Terminal dropdown list within PayJunction.

  4. If you have completed all the steps above and the issue remains please give us a ring at 800-601-0230 x 3

For a video showing how to process a transaction click the link below

How To Process A Transaction - VIDEO