Smart Terminal Keeps Rebooting - Tampered Terminal

If your Smart Terminal continuously reboots itself and displays messages like the ones pictured below, then it's highly likely that the Smart Terminal is in an unrecoverable Tampered Terminal state.

This is often caused by a sharp blow to the unit such as dropping or hitting it. Also, if there was an attempt to get inside the Smart Terminal this will also trigger this error.

If your Smart Terminal displays this behavior, please call our support department immediately so we can arrange for a replacement. PayJunction Customer Support 800-601-0230 x 3

  1. While the terminal is booting up, the Smart Terminal displays a screen that says Sorry, This terminal is unavailable:
  2. Then, the Smart Terminal goes to the No Connection, Restart & Update screen:
  3. Then, the Smart Terminal restarts and again goes through the steps 1 and 2 (above).


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