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Static IP Setup - Stylus Terminal

  1. Power Up the Stylus Smart Terminal (plug it in to power). The machine will take about 2 to 3 minutes to boot up, then a message indicating a connection error will appear.
  2. Tap the screen on the top-left corner, then top-right corner, then top-left corner.
  3. Enter the Password to access the Settings section. If you do not have the Smart Terminal password, please contact PayJunction Support at 800-601-0230 x 3.
  4. Select Setup on the Smart Terminal.

  5. Select Network.

  6. Press the arrow button to the right of Ethernet.


  7. Deselect the X in the box to disable DCHP.

  8. On the Ethernet settings screen, enter the Static IP address in the IP Address field, the Subnet Mask in the Subnet Mask field, and the Gateway IP address in the Router Field. NOTE: Currently, there is no way to manually assign a DNS address. By default, PayJunction assigns public DNS The router may overwrite the DNS with it's own, preferred DNS address.
  9. Apply changes.
  10. Exit
  11. Reboot the Smart Terminal by unplugging it from power, then plug it back in. Wait 2-3 minutes for the machine to reboot.
  12. The Smart Terminal should now be able to connect to the network and access the Internet. If the Smart Terminal has not been activated, then the Activation screen should appear. Otherwise, you will see the main screen (Smart Terminal by PayJunction).
  13. For a tutorial on how to process a transaction via the Smart Terminal, watch the training video.