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tfg Loyalty


tfg Loyalty is already integrated with PayJunction. Simply follow the instructions below to connect tfg Loyalty with your PayJunction.

Process Overview

I. Create PayJunction API Credentials (in PayJunction)

II. Create a Hosted Payments shop (in PayJunction) 

III. Save the API and HP in tfg Loyalty

I. Create PayJunction API Credentials

  1. Log into your PayJunction account as an Administrator, go to More, then select API Credentials.

  2. In the top-right corner of this view, click the + New API Credential button.

  3. Leave the User Type set to "Unrestricted Credential"
  4. Enter a First Name, Last Name and an Email Address
    To ensure that report titles lineup properly between PayJunction and tfg Loyalty, please use the following naming convention:
    • FIRST NAME: tfgAPI 
    • LAST NAME: Name of the location or business unit (no spaces).
    • EMAIL ADDRESS: noreply@payjunction.com
  5. Create a new unique Login and Password.
    For the LOGIN: Use the same First and Last name listed above, without spaces.
    For the PASSWORD: Use at least 8 characters, with at least one uppercase, one lowercase and one number.
  6. Click the Create button at the bottom of the page to save the new API credentials

II. Create a Hosted Payments Shop

  1. Log into your PayJunction account as an Administrator, go to More, then select Hosted Payments.
  2. On the upper right of the screen click on + New Shop.
  3. For the SHOP NAME: Use tfg_name_of_your_location
  4. On the EMAIL NEW ORDERS TO field you can have up to 3 emails (comma separated) to notify you when a transaction is approved.
  5. Check the Email PayJunction Receipt to Customer checkbox.
  6. Click on the CREATE SHOP button at the bottom of the page.
  7. Adjust Hosted Payment Fields:
    1. Click on More, then select Hosted Payments.
    2. Hover over the eyeball for your Shop and click Shop Fields.
    3. Update the fields to - Display  / Hide  / Required  to match the image below:
    4. Click on SAVE CHANGES.
  8. Adjust the security settings (AVS and CVV) for the Hosted Payment and the API:
    1. Click on More button on the lower left side of the screen.
    2. Then click Accounts.
    3. Select the account you want to work on.
    4. The following steps need to be done for the PayJunction API and Hosted Payments.
    5. Click EDIT on the right hand side.
    6. Choose the type of security settings you wish to toggle. We recommend the following configuration:
    7. Click Submit.
Note: If your business has multiple location, each of which are using different TIDs (Batches), the entire Step II will need to be repeated for each location, with each Hosted Payment pointing to the appropriate TID.

III. Save the API and HP in tfg Loyalty

  1. Save API credentials and Hosted Payment:
    Click on the Link on the HTML instruction email you received from tfg Loyalty, this will take you to the "PayJunction Configuration" screen in the tgf Loyalty portal, please type the values created on step I and II. 
    - For the Api Login Username and  Api Login Username Password, type the values created on step I.
    - For the Store Name, type the value created on step II.
    - Click the Save button.
  2. Congratulation email:
    Soon after your PayJunction API and HP are saved into tfg Loyalty, you will receive an email Congratulation email from tfg Loyalty confirming all has been successfully setup.


For additional assistance, please contact PayJunction support: 800-601-0230