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Why is a card blocked after being declined?

Category 1 Declines

Per Visa Rules, all transaction attempts that are declined for a Category 1 reason must never be reattempted. If the card is recharged (reattempted) after returning a Category 1 decline, Visa will impose a fee (a penalty) for every subsequent attempt. For this reason, PayJunction automatically blocks any attempts to recharge a card that was previously declined for a Category 1 reason.

The decline reasons listed below are all Category 1 declines. If a card is declined for any of the reasons listed below, then we can expect that the card will never be approved, no matter how many times the charge is reattempted. PayJunction automatically blocks subsequent attempts to recharge those cards.

  • Decline Code 04: Pick Up Card
  • Decline Code 12: Invalid Transaction
  • Decline Code 15: No Such Issuer
  • Decline Code 57: Service Not Allowed
  • Decline Code RC: Revocation of all Authorization / Stop Recurring
FA is the decline response code for all transactions that are blocked by PayJunction due to Category 1 declines.

How to manage blocked cards

If needed, all blocked cards can be found within your PayJunction account:

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We strongly recommend that cards blocked due to Category 1 declines remain blocked. Otherwise, if you attempt to charge any of those cards again, the card will decline again and Visa will charge a penalty for recharging a card that was previously declined for a Category 1 decline reason.
Note: Administrator User permission is required to remove a Card from the Blocklist.