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How to setup a new recurring billing schedule with No-code Payments Integration

This option is only available for the following payment options: Keyed Transaction, ACH Payment, Recharge Account and Refund Transaction

Table of contents

  1. Complete the payment form

  2. Setup the recurring schedule

    1. Option 1: Custom
    2. Option 2: Specific Date
  3. Submit payment and setup recurring

1) Complete the payment form

Recurring form completed arrow.png

  1. Complete the payment form as you would for any new transaction.

    1. Amount: The amount that you want to charge the customer today and for every subsequent recurring charge.

    2. Invoice Number: Optional.
    3. Note: Optional.
    4. First Name: Optional, but highly recommended.
    5. Last Name: Optional, but highly recommended.
    6. Address: Optional, but highly recommended.
    7. Zip Code: Optional, but highly recommended.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and check the box for Setup Recurring Payments.
    Setup Recurring Payments.png

2) Setup the recurring schedule

There's two types of recurring schedules that can be setup:

Option 1: Custom

Recurring schedule.png

This option is selected by default. The customer will be charged immediately and recurring transactions will follow based on the recurring schedule that you specify.

  1. Select the frequency for the recurring schedule:

    1. Bill Every: Enter a number. (example, every "1" day/week/month/year)
    2. Type: 
      • Day(s) - Bill every "x" days (ex. every 15 days)
      • Week(s) - Bill every "x" weeks (ex. every 2 weeks)
      • Month(s) - Bill every "x" months (ex. every 3 months)
      • Years(s) - Bill every "x" years (ex. every 1 year)
    3. Start Date:
      1. Select the date for the next transaction. Any subsequent recurring transactions will be based on the start date that you select.
      2. Note: The first transaction will be processed immediately. Take this into consideration when calculating the total number of charges that will be automatically charged by the recurring schedule that you setup.
    4. End After:
      1. Enter the number of approved transactions that should be charged. ex. End After 12 approved transaction(s).

Option 2: Specific Date 

Setup Recurring Payments specific date.png

Select this option to charge the customer immediately and then once more more on aspecified future date.

    1. Click on the calendar icon in the date field. 
    2. Select a future date from the calendar.

3) Submit payment and setup recurring

  1. Click Process.
  2. Upon a successful transaction, you will see a green status denoting today's payment was approved and a recurring schedule is was created.

    Recurring setup successful.png