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What Does ACH Declined Mean?

Sometimes, banks may not allow your business to withdraw funds from a particular bank account. In such a case, the bank will need the Originating ID in order to enable ACH withdrawals by your business.

Please ask your customer to provide the bank with the Originating ID listed below:

Originating ID for ACH payments


ACH Meaning in Banking

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House and is a means of processing checks faster electronically. If your business accepts ACH payments, you've likely wondered "What does rejected mean?" Just like traditional checks, ACH payments can be rejected due to incorrect information or insufficient funds. 

Insurance Checks

Please note: Insurance companies will typically post ACH rejects. If you have received a check from an insurance company, please deposit the check directly to your bank account. Otherwise, the check will be rejected with an R29 response. There are a number of codes for ACH rejects that business owners should be aware of.