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What phone number do I dial to process a Phone Charge transaction?

Phone Charge System Number

The telephone number for the Phone Charge system is:

  • (888) 444-3788

Step By Step Instructions

The telephone number for the phone charge system is:  (888) 444-3788. Follow the automated voice prompts to run a transaction. Upon a successful transaction, you should receive a Transaction ID (your transaction is processed and you should not need to login to PayJunction to re-enter any information).

Phone Charge Prompts:

  1. Enter your Logon, then press #.
  2. Enter your Password, then press #.
  3. Press 1 to Charge or press 2 to Refund.
  4. Press 1 if it is a New Card or press 2 if it is an Instant transaction (Transaction ID is required).
  5. Enter the Credit Card Number, then press #.
  6. Enter the Expiration Month, then press #.
  7. Enter the Expiration Year, then press #.
  8. Enter the Billing Zip Code, then press # or just press # to Skip this step.
  9. Enter the Dollar Amount in dollars and cents. Use the star key * as the decimal point, then press #.
  10. Confirm the Dollar Amount.  Press 1 if dollar amount is Correct or press 2 if dollar amount is Incorrect.
  11. State the name of Cardholder, then press #.
  12. Enter the Invoice Number, then press # or just press # to Skip this step.
  13. The speaker will return the Approved or Declined Response.
  14. If Approved, the speaker will give a Transaction ID.
  15. Press 1 to process a New Card or Hang Up to finish.

Android Phone Users:

If you are using an Android phone, there is a known issue with touch tones being sent while the speakerphone is on and "Audible Touch Tones" is also on. This problem will result in login errors with the phone charge system because each key is "doubled up" on being sent to our system by the phone. Please click here for instructions to turn "Audible Touch Tones" off.

In order to charge a credit card from any touch tone telephone, first be sure to have a numeric Phone Charge login and password. See: How do I activate my Phone Charge account?