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How do I find my bank deposits?

Finding Bank Deposits

The Bank Deposits section displays the batches that have settled, deposit totals, fees and the date that the funds are expected to be made available in your bank account.

To access the Bank Deposits section go to More >> Deposits



Deposited: The date the funds were deposited into the bank account on file.

Sent: The date the funds were batched out and sent to our partner bank.

Merchant Details

Merchant Name ( i.e. PayJunction).

Mid: Merchant Identification Number. This number is different for all of PayJunction's merchants.

Acct: The last four digits of the bank account on file. PayJunction will deposit funds and debit fees from this account.


This is the total amount that PayJunction will fund to your bank account.


View Deposit Details

To view the deposit details, click the eyeball on the left of the deposit you wish to view.


The next screen will show the batch details. If more than one batch was included in the deposit, then multiple batches will be listed.


Click on the icon to the left to expand the Batch details. For instance, we will show how much was processed for each card type (Visa, Mastercard, Discover).


View American Express Deposit Details

American Express transactions will be listed in the Other category.


We will show the Batch total, then directly underneath the batch, we will show a negative line item for American Express.

American Express makes all deposits for Amex transactions directly to your bank account. Therefore, PayJunction does not deposit Amex transactions and that is why we list Amex as a negative line item on the bank deposits screen.


View Fees (aka Billing) Details

Fees are listed in the Fees category. Click on the icon to the left to see more details.