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How long is my contract?

Your contract depends on your merchant service provider.  

PayJunction Accounts and Commitment

Merchant accounts directly serviced by PayJunction have a zero dollar ($0.00) Early Termination Fee.  PayJunction believes you should use our products and services because they are better (not because you are locked into a contract).

If at anytime you are not satisfied for any reason, you may cancel at anytime without penalty.

  • PayJunction: 800-601-0230

Third Party Merchant Accounts

If you are using PayJunction as your software provider and a third party for your merchant account service provider (MSP), the contract length is generally 3 years.  The following third party providers usually charge an early termination fee; this contract is between you and your MSP and you will have to contact them directly for details (PayJunction does not control third party providers).

Third Party Merchant Account Contact Information:

Processor Name
Phone Number
CHI Payment Systems (aka CardPayment Solutions / iPayment) 800-554-4777
Central Payment Corporation 800-449-8012
Harbortouch (aka United Bank Card) 800-201-0461