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Terms of Use - PayJunction Website and Chrome Extension

Terms and Conditions - PayJunction Merchant Agreement

Terms and Conditions - PayJunction Gateway Agreement

If you are using PayJunction as a gateway (i.e. using PayJunction's software), specific terms apply and are governed by PayJunction's Gateway Agreement located here:

Terms and Conditions - ACH

Terms and Conditions - Visa

Terms and Conditions are governed by Visa:

Terms and Conditions - MasterCard

Terms and Conditions are governed by MasterCard:

Terms and Conditions - Discover

Terms and Conditions are governed by Discover:

Terms and Conditions - American Express

If you have a merchant account directly placed with American Express, your Terms and Conditions are governed by American Express:

Terms and Conditions - Plaid

If you use Plaid services, the following specific End Client Flow Down Terms required by Plaid apply, in which Merchant is referred to as End Client and PayJunction is referred to as Partner:

Annual Acknowledgement of Security Responsibilities

In compliance with PCI DSS, the following is PayJunction's annual acknowledgement of security responsibilities:

* These documents can be viewed by all active merchants. Simply login to your PayJunction account. Then, hover on the Account icon (lower-left) and select Terms

If you are unable to login please contact our support staff to obtain this document.

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