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This ZenCart module enables real-time credit card transactions when the client checks out. Their credit card will be verified charged and charged before the order is complete.

Download the file by clicking on the link below. When the file is saved on your computer, unzip the file. Once the file is unzipped to your computer, follow the instructions listed in the included ReadMe text file.

  ZIP Archive ZenCart.zip Oct 21, 2014 by Matthew Cooper
Please contact our support staff for further assistance with this module. We can be reached at: 1-800-601-0230 Ext. 3, Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm PST

UPDATE: ZenCart module has been updated to use auto-negotiation for the encryption type as SSLv3 connections are blocked by PayJunction due to the POODLE vulnerability disclosed on Oct. 14th 2014. Update based on instructions found on the official ZenCart forum: Important announcement about POODLE and payment security

UPDATE:  ZenCart has recently been tested and is compatible with versions of ZenCart up to 1.5.0

If you have more than one payment module installed (not just enabled) in ZenCart, the Sort Order must be left blank in the module configuration for all installed modules or you will receive an error in the ZenCart payment module screen and PayJunction will not show as a selectable payment option for your customers.

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How do I reset my API Login and Password?

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