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Why does PayJunction say a transaction is declined, but my customer says they have been charged?


If a transaction is marked as Declined in the PayJunction Trinity system, no funds will ever be transferred (and any pending charges will "drop off").

  • The customer may see a pending charge on their credit card if your AVS (Address Verification System) settings are configured to decline a transaction that does not have a matching billing address and/or zip code.  This is because the card has sufficient funds to cover the transaction; however, the transaction was declined as a security precaution per your account's AVS security settings.
  • This pending charge will disappear from the customer's credit card in 1 to 3 business days after your batch has settled.  PayJunction will issue a reversal at settlement time.  This reversal is then processed by the customer's card issuing bank.  Then they will release any AVS declined transactions back to the customer once they have processed the reversal.
  • Again, nothing will be transferred so long as the transaction is marked Declined at settlement time.

The Fraud - Warning pop-up window is designed to alert you whenever a transaction is declined due to your security settings:


The Fraud - Warning window only appears when processing cards through the PayJunction Virtual Terminal.

Alternatively, you may force an override to approve an AVS declined transaction should you desire to do so provided that the transaction has not been settled yet.  No funds will be transferred unless you manually override an AVS decline.  For more details, see the article titled Can PayJunction charge a credit card even if AVS doesn't match?

How to Approve a Transaction That Was Declined Due to AVS or CVV

If a transaction was "declined" due to Address Verification or CVV mis-match, but you want to approve the transaction anyways, you can "force" the transaction to approve. 

For more details regarding forcing an AVS mismatch, see the article titled:
Can PayJunction charge a credit card even if AVS doesn't match?

For more details regarding forcing an CVV mismatch, see the article titled:
Can PayJunction charge a credit card even if CVV doesn't match?

Pre-Authorization: Avoid Pending Transactions

If you frequently have high dollar transactions (greater than $500), and you absolutely require that the billing address and zip code must match what is on file with the customer's credit card issuer, you may consider enabling pre-authorizations.  A pre-authorization will test a credit card for $0.00 to verify if the billing address matches prior to checking if the card has the available high dollar funds. 

For more details, view the following article:  What does "PreAuthorize" do?