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What is a "10" Partial Approval decline code?

Some banks support a Partial Approval authorization which will approve only part of the requested transaction, leaving the remainder to be paid with another form of tender. PayJunction does not currently support Partial Approvals, and thus any transaction which returns with this type of authorization is automatically declined by PayJunction.

PayJunction does not currently support Partial Approvals and will automatically decline the transaction when this response is received from the card issuing bank.

How do I accept payment after a Partial Approval decline?

In order to accept payment from the customer with this card please do the following:

  • Ask the customer to contact the card issuing bank by calling the number located on the back of the card.
  • Explain to the representative that your system declined the Partial Approval and that the funds need to be released.
  • Ask for the exact amount that is available on the card.
  • Once you know the exact amount available to charge on the card, you can process that amount to avoid getting another decline.
  • Process the remaining outstanding amount via a separate method of payment.

Be sure to get the exact amount available to be charged from the bank representative. If you attempt to charge more than what is available, you will receive another decline and will have to go through the process to get the funds released again.