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How Do I Recharge a Rejected ACH R03 Transaction (No Account / Invalid Bank Account)?

Transactions trigger an ACH reject when they haven't been processed by the customer's bank or payment was not collected from or credited to your customer’s account. All return codes begin with the letter ‘R’ (i.e. ACH R01, ACH R02, ACH R03, etc.) and indicate that the transaction was not accepted. Depending on the reason for the reject, some transactions may be corrected and resubmitted. An ACH reject is similar to an overdraft in a personal checking account. It can take several days to receive an ACH reject notice.

  1. See if the Alert button has a red dot next to it.
  2. Hover over the Alert button and click the ACH Rejects button to go to the list of ACH rejects.
  3. Find the rejected ACH transaction.
  4. Hover over red circle icon to see the ACH reject reasonClick here to see all ACH reject codes.
  5. If you want to work with a particular ACH reject hover over the eye icon eye_ball.png  and a dialog box will appear. 
    • View Transaction: View the original transactions details.
    • Edit: Edit information on the original transaction.
    • Refund: Refund the customer. Refunds are not recommended because the original ACH transaction failed/rejected. Therefore, the customer was never charged and is not owed a refund.
    • Complete Reject: Ignore this ACH reject and remove it from the list of unhandled ACH rejects. You may want to attempt to collect the funds via a different form of payment. Example: credit card or cash.
    • Update & Recharge: Change the routing or account numbers and then process the check again.
  6. Click here to learn more about ACH-related responses for ACH R03 and other rejected transactions.