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How do I charge shipping based on price ranges?

PayJunction's Hosted Checkout allows you to charge different amounts for shipping based on the total amount that your customer spends on a purchase from your website.

For example, you can set up a Shipping Tier to charge $20 for shipping if the total purchase price is between $20 and $50. Additionally, you can set up another Shipping Tier to charge $40 for Shipping if the total purchase price is between $50 and 70 and so on. 

Updating the Shipping Tier settings via your PayJunction account:

  1. Click on More, then Hosted Payments.

  2. Hover over the eye icon for the desired Shop. Click Shop Settings.

  3. Update your values for the Shipping Tier section.

    1. Enter a value for your shipping tiers. (i.e. For orders up to Tier x).
    2. Enter a corresponding dollar amount for each shipping tier.
  4. Click the Save Changes button.

You can also set Shipping Tier Type to "Percentage", which will calculate the shipping charges based on the percentages you specify.