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Am I On the Amex OptBlue or Amex Direct Platform?

What Is the Difference Between Amex OptBlue and Direct?

American Express OptBlue

Under this platform, the deposits for Amex transactions are included along with Visa, MasterCard and Discover transactions. Processing and maintenance fees for American Express are also included on your monthly statement from PayJunction. OptBlue is set up directly through PayJunction and our processing company.

Deposits and 
Closed By
OptBlue PayJunction PayJunction PayJunction No
Direct/ESA American Express American Express American Express Yes

Amex Direct

On the Direct platform, the merchant has a separate merchant account with American Express. All processing is done by American Express, including deposits and fees. The merchant controls the Amex merchant account and it can be used with other Payment Gateways and services. PayJunction is not able to make changes to the account nor intervene in billing and deposit issues. PayJunction cannot close an Amex Direct merchant account, only the merchant or American Express can close the account.

These accounts are typically exclusive to businesses processing $1 million or more annually.

You can view your 10-digit American Express account number by going to the Settings menu and clicking Settings Overview when logged into your PayJunction account.

Can I Change My Amex Platform With PayJunction?

By default, all new merchant accounts are set up with Amex OptBlue. Merchants who wish to process directly with American Express must contact Amex to be set up with a Direct account.

Not currently set up to take Amex transactions? Please see our guide: How do I add Amex to my existing merchant account with PayJunction?

The information contained in this article pertains to direct merchant accounts with PayJunction. If you see a yellow band near the top of the Batches Overview page asking you to call a different company for questions related to deposits and fees, then you should call that number instead.