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I need a shopping cart, does that cost extra?

Your PayJunction account provides you with the ability to add Hosted Payment buttons to your website, at no extra charge. 

You may use a third party shopping cart; however, the third party may have separate charges for the use of their software.

Hosted Payments by PayJunction

Hosted Payment buttons are an easy, basic way to enable your website to accept a payment or sell multiple items via your website.  PayJunction provides a button generator that provides you with the HTML that will need to be added on your website. Payment buttons can be created via the "Gateway" section of your account.  Once you add a payment button on your website, your customer will be able to click on the payment button to add the item to the PayJunction Trinity shopping cart.  The customer can then decide if they would like to "Continue Shopping" or "Checkout".  You can customize the checkout page with the following options: colors, company logo, fields to display (contact info, shipping info), redirect url, and more.

See: Hosted Payment

3rd Party Shopping Cart (PayJunction API)

If you require a more robust, feature filled shopping cart option, then you will need to select and install a 3rd party shopping cart that supports the PayJunction payment gateway. If you do select this option, then you will likely need to purchase the shopping cart software in order to install the shopping cart to your website.

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