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What is Hosted Payments and how do I use it?

PayJunction's Hosted Payments provides businesses with a simple and easy way to place "Add to Cart" buttons on their website. Hosted Payments will handle the security, credit card payment, as well as email your customer a copy of their receipt.  The estimated time to add your first payment button to your website is less than five minutes.

In order to access Hosted Payments, you (or your web developer) will need to login to your PayJunction account.

  1. Select More, then click Hosted Payments.
  2. On the top right of the page is the New Shop button
  3. Once you've created a Shop, click on Generate Hosted Payment button.

Please contact our support department if you would like further assistance with Hosted Payments.

Using HTML iframes with Hosted Payments code is not recommended. Hosted Payments uses 3rd party cookies. If security settings in the client's browsers do not allow 3rd party cookies, they will see this message: "The Hosted Payment store you tried to access is invalid.". Although most browsers by default allow 3rd party cookies, Safari does not.