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Report a Security, Privacy, or Ethics Issue

Security Researchers, Privacy Protection, and Other Concerned Groups

Every year, PayJunction undergoes an intensive audit to maintain our standing as a PCI Level 1 service provider. As part of this audit, we hire computer security experts to perform penetration tests of our systems. This gives us a high level of confidence that our services do not present easily exploited vulnerabilities for hackers to use.  In addition, PayJunction undergoes annual ethics training.

Nevertheless, if you believe you have found an issue or exploitable vulnerability we would be very interested to hear about it. While PayJunction currently does not have a bounty or reward program for direct financial compensation when disclosing vulnerabilities, we do carefully review and triage all reports of suspected vulnerabilities and issues. To submit an issue or vulnerability report, please email: security@payjunction.com. If necessary, our support and engineering team can work with you to securely transfer any sensitive data for the disclosure.