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Which Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) should I complete?

Selecting the Correct SAQ (Self-Assessment Questionnaire)

It is very important to make sure to complete the SAQ that is appropriate for your business. PayJunction and SecurityMetrics have made it easy for you to select the correct SAQ during the Self-Assessment Questionnaire process. However, the following chart also explains which SAQ to select based on the method used for processing transactions.

PayJunction Product Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)
Hosted Payments (Online Payments) SAQ A
Smart Terminal (Chip, Tap, Swipe) SAQ B-IP
Virtual Terminal Keyed-In (Keyboard) SAQ C-VT
Virtual Terminal Swiped (USB Swiper) SAQ C
PayJunction API Keyed-in and/or Swiped (eCommerce) SAQ D