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Static IP Setup - ZeroTouch Terminal

  1. Power Up the ZeroTouch Smart Terminal (plug it in to power). The machine will take about 1 to 2 minutes to boot up, then a message indicating a connection error will appear.
  2. Press the Magnifying Glass button for about 10 seconds, until it beeps. Then, double press the Magnifying Glass button again.
  3. You will be prompted to enter a password. If you do not have the Smart Terminal password, please contact PayJunction Support at 800-601-0230 x 3.
  4. Select Setup on the Smart Terminal screen.
  5. Select System Config.

  6. Select Network.

  7. Press the Next button.

  8. Press the Wired button.

  9. Toggle the Ethernet option to ON.

  10. Select the Static button.

  11. Use the keypad to enter your specific network details (IP Address, etc), then click Save

  12. Exit out of the terminal settings.
  13. The Smart Terminal should now be able to connect to the network and access the Internet. If the Smart Terminal has not been activated, then the Activation screen should appear. Otherwise, you will see the main screen (Smart Terminal by PayJunction).